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Performance is everything when it comes to your website, and putting customer experience and the search engines first.

For the search engines to give you a high ranking you have to comply to best practice to be as visible as possible in the search results. Once a website has been found in a search and been chosen to be clicked on it then has to perform really well in terms of customer experience to drive that visitor to take positive further action. .

Depending on whether you are B2B or B2C these actions will look different, and big consideration must given when it comes to your customer’s journey through the website and at every touch point with your business. Once a pattern has been found from analysis to these journey’s your website needs to be structured to give the best Customer Experience possible to drive new or recurring business at this research and consideration stage of the customer.

At the FRONT – On page SEO 

What your website visitors expect as standard practice: 

  • speed – a quick connection response
  • attractive design relevant to industry
  • ease of use – from page to page navigation, link to link
  • simplicity and convenience to buy or fill in a form
  • responsive on all types of devices
  • security – knowing their data is secure
  • GDPR compliant and industry sector compliant
  • great content answering everything they need to know, quickly and easily

At the BACK – Technical SEO

You as a website owner on the other hand will have very different requirements from your website, of course you want to know all of the above is being addressed, but you will want the analytics, the numbers (metrics & £’s), the ranking, the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), the need to know what your customers do and how they behaved so you can make those important sales and marketing decisions and where to invest your marketing budgets. 

What content is working and what isn’t, where can improvements be made to solve our customers problems and drive more conversions or sales is what most business owners make their priority. What is not working is just as important as what is, and the search engines will reward you more if your comply to their standards of SEO, and that should also be a priority for your business knowing your are Google compliant. 

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SEO Content

With a website you definitely get out what you put in, if you ignore it and treat it like a brochure it will act like a brochure lost under 100’s of other brochures on the web, no one finds you or knows you exist and that means no new business enquiries. To show up and be found in search results means you have to produce a consistent stream of relevant good quality content and landing pages and to grow it into a lead generation machine. When you do it has a lot of power and will generate traffic and leads all of the time 24/7.

When a website becomes a High Performance Website and is optimised to a high standard it starts to work really hard on your behalf, and it is only then that you see that your site is more than a brochure, and is a Hub for all digital communications and driving new business inbound from searching buyers. It gets you found, seen and heard in all the right places and is the CMS hub of all your content and valuable new data. It has to be attractive in content that engages with visitors, and user friendly enough with everything they need to attract your ideal customer to take the next steps to making contact.

It is a developing and growing sophisticated content rich asset machine that grows with your business and addresses every stage of a buyer’s journey — attracting new prospects, nurturing and qualifying them over time and turning opportunities into enthusiastic buyers. It even helps recruit top talent to your company. In short, it’s an essential business requirement and everything your business needs to grow

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The performance of a website that works hard 24/7 like a machine to welcome your new prospects is essential. Making sure you can be found from a Google search because of great consistent SEO content to ensuring a good ranking are all critical to your business.

But you need to keep your eye on the ball by doing regular site audits to find faults and repair them as soon as possible to prevent ranking loss and a loss of important new business.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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