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Social Media Management to influence new business sales

Being visible online is key to getting new business, managing customer experience, and being consistent to build trust. Managing your social media channels can take a lot of time, working out a strategy, and the creation of consistent content of new and engaging things to say to keep your audience engaged.

We manage everything starting with a good profile and bio, a relevant and structured strategy, filling channels with content to engage, and entertain your audience to create an action to be taken, whether that be to sign up for something, buy something or visit your website for more information.  We have lots of ideas to post about all of the time, so there is no need for you worry about keeping it up everyday (consistency is key on social media), we plan and produce everything, then give you a report each month to show you what has developed.


Which Social Media platform should our business be visible on?

Be visible on the platforms where your audience are, either personally or professionally depending on your products or services. There are new platforms arriving on the scene everyday, some get more popular than others and take off quickly, so being trendy and being where your target customers are heading is essential. 
.There are many social media platforms to choose from and more appear everyday, but there are some that people prefer more than most, and different types of content work on some and not others.
We are happy to advise you on the most appropriate for you.
Our package price is for 1 platform only with the added option of adding further platforms at £50 per month per platform, so you can build your social media presence up as much as you wish.
The main social media sites and with the largest number of users are:
But you can add any other site that you think will benefit your business and where you know your audience will be that you want to reach.

What are the benefits of using Professional Social Media Marketing & Advertising Management

First and foremost the biggest benefit of outsourcing your social media marketing is that it saves you a lot of time an money. It free’s up time sourcing and creating new ideas to entertain and engage with consistent relevance and our package prices are very cost effective.
Being professional but not boring can be daunting to some industry sectors. By creating and publishing attractive and engaging content your particular audience wants on social media is ideal for businesses to not only showcase who they are, what they do and where they are, it is also an excellent way for businesses looking to:
▪ Boost their SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts
▪ Keeping their social media accounts active and front of mind to followers
▪ Sending social signals to Google and Bing to help with ranking
If you are looking to increase brand recognition and improve sales using social media platforms
We have 3 packages that will help you on the way to much more visibility and increase interest
and leads from Customers. How much impact you want to make depends on how often and consistently your social accounts are active. Our packages come in 3 levels.
         Package 1 for Moderate Impact
Package 2 for High Impact 
    Package 3 for Full On Impact
All our packages come with the option of platform Advertising to suit your budget to boost your business even further and get you started with online advertising.
You can increase this advertising spend anytime you wish.
You choose which package will suit your business budget and your customers wants and needs. Some business’ generate more new business from social media than any other marketing activity. 


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