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Brand Building Marketing

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Brand building marketing is crucial for long term growth and sustainability and differs from short term marketing in that it looks at a much longer term strategy. Becoming a go to business brand is ultimately the goal and to achieve this needs a plan to be visible as an expert in your industry with respected thought leadership, expertise and a great reputation for serving its customers in the best way possible.

To achieve this needs the support of great marketing.


A brand is the definition people hold in their minds of a company and its products or services Reputation.

That definition is built in two ways: by what you show and tell people and by what they experience and share.

What does your Brand stand for?

How do Customers refer to your business?

How are you defined as a Business Owner or CEO and known locally? How would people introduce you? Do people talk about you as the guy who own’s a company by it’s Brand name? or are you defined by what you do.

Do you have employees who are industry specialists and could be industry Infuencer’s?

Are you being mentioned in competitors boardrooms as one to watch?

Does your online presence reflect the real you?


A product or service plus values and associations.

Consumer-led Brand
A brand that habitually uses the findings of consumer research for direction, not illumination.

Brand Belief
The brand’s take on the world, a view on what would make the world a little better, and how the brand can work toward making it happen.

Passion Brand
A brand with a clear belief, a deep understanding of people, and the capability, confidence, and exuberance to connect the two.

Brand building is so much more than just a logo, you need to create Influence

Branding does not mean just having a great logo and nice images, although presentation & design of content is very important, and when people start to recognise you by just your logo and brand design then you can say you have made it as a go to brand. To get there it is not about a specific product or service you offer, it is about your Brands stories, and you need marketing to tell those stories.

The brand building process can be applied to either the development of a new brand or the re-branding of an existing company

Whichever position you are in, to make positive growth steps in your business, and in your marketing your Brand stories need to be told, experienced and shared. The “what you tell” part is achieved through using content to tell the your story that builds trust and peace of mind to attract and convert your new prospects and retain loyalty from existing customers that have made the right buying decision, and will recommend and send referrals to you that’s the “what they experience” part, they need to have the best Customer Experience, and that means a good digital experience also.

As marketers it is our job to attract, convert and retain prospects and customers by giving them the experiences they want and expect so you become their go to Brand for the products and services they need.

Brand Building Marketing

There are many ways to define a brand. Some emphasize creating an emotional attachment with consumers while others focus on the totality of the customer experience. While academically interesting, these abstract concepts are often impractical, especially in the professional services. If you have actual physical products to sell, the products do the talking for you, if they are good your Customers will show and tell everyone where they got them from and why they love them, they will also discuss your customer service and online experiences. This is brand advocacy, and how the basis of trends start.

But for Professional Service vendors it is a very different story, and by showing proof is how your brand grows. More often than not gets its new contracts and business via Tender & Bids, referrals and recommendations. This can be quite restrictive in its very process and unpredictable with no guarantee you will always be the chosen one for the job. This unpredictability can make for difficult future forecasting and growth predictions.

How can you plan and focus for the future with such uncertainty hanging overhead, and how can you sustain and grow your business? By having a continuous Brand Building Strategy working online in conjunction with other business driving exercises.

Being in the Professional Services sector, particularly if you are B2B only, is very complex to sell and get new business, as any service industry has no products to show and demonstrate, selling is based on what you say, what others say about you, and how visible you are as a brand. Marketing is your best friend and should be a high priority for investment by ambitious high growth professional service companies that want to show and tell their stories to confirm their expertise and reputation.

It’s a combination of your reputation and visibility that Brand Marketing comes into play to drive new business for Professional Services, and to do this a Strategic Marketing program has to be devised that is very relevant and specific to your specialist buyers and their teams. One hit advertising wonders will not cut it in complex professional services sectors. Trust has to be earned and gained and the those stories need to be told and shared through advocacy, and that can take time to reach your target prospects.

Your Brand Reputation is your most valuable asset


There is also the fact that not everyone requiring related services wants to go through the long drawn out red tape process of tendering, and referrals are not always forthcoming. There can also be emergency situations that require a faster more agile service, so there has to be another way of securing more new business, and that is by being searchable and found online and ready with the exact content they are looking for, and helps them take the next step to engaging with you.


A strong Brand = Reputation and the need to be Visible to reach new prospects

The branding process is a systematic approach to creating and promoting a firm’s brand. It is essential to the success of any marketing and business development program. Brand building consists of five interrelated phases, each building upon the last:

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Brand Identity
  3. Brand Tools
  4. Brand Launch
  5. Brand Building

The brand building process can be applied to either the development of a new brand or the re-branding of an existing firm.


When do you need the branding process?

Not all brand-related marketing efforts require a full branding process. For example, when a firm updates the look of its marketing materials — without changing its market positioning — that is unlikely to require a full branding treatment. Since only the visual aspect of the brand will be revised, the firm doesn’t necessarily need to revisit the foundational strategy behind its brand.

Common situations that do require the full branding process include:

  • Re-positioning a firm to compete with a new set of competitors
  • The merger of two firms with different brands
  • The launch of a new firm
  • A major change in strategy or direction
  • The emergence of a new competitive advantage
  • The addition or loss of a high visibility expert
  • The launch of a significant new service line
  • The “commoditisation” of existing services


The Brand Building Marketing starts with the Strategy, and the focus on this will ensure everyone is working towards the same results. There are several functions that need to be considered in the strategy, such as your brand positioning, your target markets and audience. The strategy is the How, Why and Where of your marketing and is quite different to the tactics that happen later during the marketing planning stage and the Who, What and When.




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